A couple, a wedding…


The sun was out to celebrate lovers Rebecca and Larry❤️

A beautiful wedding where friends, family and guests were able to share this emotionally intense moment.

Rebecca, Larry, you have given me the privilege of experiencing this incredible day with you.

I have a little power to share with you, and above all, to make you relive these stolen moments.

Mariage Mairie Sainte Marie La Mer
Arrivée de la future mariée en voiture dans la rue
Arrivée de la future mariée dans la mairie sous le regard de son futur époux

Your wedding photos…


As soon as I got back to France, I continued to experience your wedding through the visuals I had created.

This is how I post-processed your images between two appointments and weddings .

I’ll be able to tell you all about this beautiful day, full of love and emotion.

décor extérieur de Le Victoria Sainte Marie la Mer
photo en noir et blanc inversée, où l'on voit en silhouette par terre les mariés s'embrassaient
Arrivée des jeunes mariés devant le restaurant Le Victoria à Sainte Marie La Mer

Code for your photo gallery…


Here are two ways to access the photo gallery:

– First way: open your computer, go to the site menu and click on « YOUR PHOTOS ».

Enter your login and password in CAPITAL LETTERS. The boxes to be filled in with the access codes are below the large photo on the left of your computer screen.
Access codes to visit the photo gallery :


Password: REB

Bouh it’s too complicated?!

I’ll make it easier for you by putting your cursor here and clicking.

photo montrant une fille des mariés portant le panier des alliances
Jeunes mariés devant la mairie
photo montrant une fille des mariés portant le panier des alliances

I have only one word to say to you…


THANK YOU for your smiles and your patience!

You know what! Thanks to all of you, I’ve improved my English, thank you.

And if you’re ever in the South of France, don’t forget to come and say hello.

I wish you a life full of joy and, above all, lots of love.

Thank you very much!

Your photographer
Sophie BACHERE Photos

P.S: Thank you Google translate for my text on this page 🤪